Toronto FC, There will be glory

Sport's a tricky thing. And the business of it can get ugly. The truth of it is, the feelings and history people carry around for their team overwhelms the stuff advertisers and artists could ever hope to generate. And when you are able to be a small part of that world, you have the privilege of working on depths no other brands can really aspire to.

Jeep Facebook

Part of a bigger campaign. Not to get finicky about the copy, but the multiple-choice options started out leaner.

- city
- highway
- other

Bank of America - Digital Outdoor

It was the worst of times. Bank of America, bailed out because it was too big to fail, was under scrutiny for everything it did. One commitment, a nice sort of thing, was to offer an upgrade to people's movie tickets, to see a kids' flick in 3D. This was to be part of a fun campaign promoting the customer appreciation offer. This was for a few urban financial center bank locations, changing relatively static digital signage into a playful stock ticker.

This is just a little test of what would have been, a proof of concept and demo for studio approval. But there was such an uproar about the program that everything just tried to quietly go away. But it was fun before it lasted.

Canada, It's our time to lead/The Globe and Mail

It’s hard to imagine the world without newspapers. Well… you see the problem. The paper wanted a campaign that would launch their redesigned look. But the campaign wasn’t about colour or stock. The integrated campaign asked Canada to realize that we are at the brink of a future that will have to look different. Over 8 weeks, the advertising campaign and editorial content focused on 8 discussions about what Canada is going to become. And it tried to excite people to get involved, not in the paper, but in shaping Canada. “Start with the Globe. From there, it’s up to you.”

Jeep YouTube homepage event

YouTube homepage takeover, the last days of December 2009. Seemed like a time for resolutions. And make it an event: live streaming video that brings your own new year's resolution to life, or at least to type. 43 live people, 'Jeep characters', spell out resolutions that people submit in a streaming-live, day-long, marathon event. One part of the new Jeep campaign that sought to reach a whole new buyer, "i live. i ride. i am. Jeep"


What you probably didn't know about fortune cookies, is that they are baked flat. Then as they cool they are bent & folded into shape, with the fortune tucked in. A perfect time, and place, for a Cloret. "Breathe out"

Jeep Magnets

Fiat introduced some big changes in Jeep's positioning with a move to a new agency. Phase 1 print rolled out with a new headline "i live. i ride. i am. Jeep" on white, with a quirkly looking person and a seemingly random bit of their 'personal philosophy'. Their unabashed self. So, we adapted this familiar device to allow people to express something of themselves.

Pink Hour

(more on this later)

Kraft Dinner

It was inspired when Kraft's legal department suggested our animated pre-teens don protective rain slicks. To protect them from the geyser-hot macaroni and cheese. Children, if you find yourself next to a geyser with the necessary ingredients, or the additional stuff you need for any of the suggested recipes, please do not try this unless you are wearing a geyser-proof rain slick.

Maybe ask if they have them at M.E.C.

Nabob Tradition

There is a beautiful visual in Kieslowski's Blue, of ice cream melting in a hot espresso. Coffee can be beautiful.

Chrysler Town & Country

No one wants their show to be interrupted, especially by a commercial about a minivan. But we used an pre-roll buy to try to change people's minds. They could click away after 15 seconds, but loads of people didn't. We had no budget, no studio or professional voice talent, but the motion graphics & long form seemed really new. 2 months later Denis Leary, Ford and the Motrin scandal made the device feel like the technique of the week. Anyhow, the adventure continues.